Melbourne Jazz Quartet

Blues Inspired Jazz

Featuring some of Australia’s most highly respected and experienced players, this band has a wide and extensive repertoire, including tunes from some of the giants of jazz such as Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson, Frank Sinatra and Dinah Washington.

Jon Wade—piano—one of the best pianists in the country. He has worked extensively throughout England and Europe with some of the greats.

Wendy Wade—vocals—a wonderful jazz singer who has also done many theatre shows and musicals. Her soulful, passionate renditions of jazz standards capture the imagination of the audience, whatever their age.

Dean Cooper—drums—probably one of the most talented and experienced drummers in Australia. From working in most of the major theatre productions to playing hard core jazz. He is the ‘first call drummer’.

Geoff Kluke—bass—long regarded as one of the finest bass players that Australia has produced. Geoff has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry including leading jazz and non-jazz performers.


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Barry Plant Stage<br/>Sat, 23 Feb