Iaki Vallejo

Iaki VallejoIaki Vallejo is a seasoned and professional performer, artist and songwriter from Colombia. She grew up in an environment where loud music and dance never seemed to ever despair its occupants. From inception, this was what influenced her musical career, which was ignited as early as she was 4 years of age.

As young as she was, she was so resilient in her musical career, as she performed in hotels, festivals, and private parties at her hometown, restaurants, and at her school’s singing festivals, in the quest of searching for a music path which she believed was her destiny. She once stated in one of her words that: “I didn’t find music, it found me”. Her passion for arts made her study music, dance and theatre, which consequently transformed her into an all-round performer. Spending a decade in Italy, and time in Spain performing with Internationally renowned musicians has meant that her work combines world music from many regions, but with a distinct South-American flavour and excitement.


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Barry Plant Stage<br/>Sun, 23 Feb 2020